Friday, March 30, 2012

Collecting Heroes

I always dreamed of doing something great in the world, something that could make the world a nicer place to live in. A place where people would be happy and treat each other nicely. Just like my Grandfather did, one of my greatest heroes.

Manuel Dávila Santos & me

I remember being a little girl and wanting to become President of my home town, it seemed exciting back then. In my mind that was what it would take to make things beautiful and if things were beautiful then people would be happy..... but then I grew up and besides becoming a little bit more reality based I also lost my dream, but in 2001 my friend Edgar Boone invited me to take the most amazing human potential training and it was right then when I met another of my greatest heroes, Keith Raniere and I found my dreams again! 

One of the many things I've been learning from Keith's teachings is the practice of collecting Heroes, the first time I heard the about it I thought I understood the importance of the practice but in the actual practice I found that the more heroes I find the deeper the experience.

Today I found one more of my heroes... her name is Pushpa Basnet, she's 28 years old and she's from one of the poorest countries in the world, Nepal. Pushpa has been pulling children out of Nepal's prisons and giving them a better opportunity of life. Amazing!

My newest Hero!

Pushpa Basnet, Nepal

Thank You Keith for this beautiful gift!

Changing the World...

Breaking the Rules and Changing the World
Dr. Suzi LeVine and Dr. Patricial Kuhl
Institute for Learning and Brain Science 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

RSA Animate - Changing Education Paradigms

by Sir Ken Robinson

by Silken Laumann
The Huffington Post

Is it needed? it's a moral imperative!

Let's do it! :)

I'm in!!!
Who wants to join?

Friday, March 9, 2012

How do I affect Children?

For the past 3 years I've been watching my country Mexico go from bad to worse. Everyday I read the newspapers and I see more and more people being killed. Kidnaping has become an easy thing to do and one the worst things is that kids are becoming killers. What??? yes! Kids are being taught*

 how to torture even how to kill.  Why would someone want a child to do such a horrendous act? What's happening? Is it only in Mexico? Is it the whole world?

A few days ago I watched a short film and campaign by Invisible Children "kony2012", the film exposes a situation in Africa where children are being kidnaped and raised this way from a very early age. The film shows a picture of a little guy with a machine gun that is bigger than him. The little boy can bearly walk but he's right there on the front line... it broke my heart. 

To be honest I've heard stories like this before, I've even seen movies where situations like this exist but I have never allowed myself to connect to them long enough to do something about it.  Some of us may think that we don't have the power to make a change, but we do. Some of us may even be afraid to think about the situation, but the truth is, that if we choose fear the situation will only get worse. Gandhi said "Be the Change you want to see in the world". It may start with ourselves, with our children, students, our family.

So, What can I do? and may be the question is: What do I want to do? 

Besides researching on a daily basis and blogging about it, I would like to start by sharing one of the most amazing parenting tools I've ever experienced in my life. NXIVM tools allow you to become a more Conscience human being and as an effect of that more mindful. More information can be found at NXIVM Education and NXIVM Testimonials. I truly believe this is what it takes!

A good friend from Mexico shared the following with me which I found interesting and possible to do.

Begin with infancy to give the child everything he wants. In this way he will grow up to believe the world owes him a living.Quarrel frequently in the presence of your children. In this way they won’t be so shocked when the home is broken up later.
When he picks up bad words, laugh at him. This will make him think he’s cute.Give the child all the spending money he wants. Never let him earn his own.
Never give him any spiritual training. Wait until he is twenty-one and then let "him decide for himself".Satisfy his every craving for food, drink, and comfort. See that his every sensual desire is gratified.
Avoid the use of "wrong". He may develop a guilt complex. This will condition him to believe later, when he is arrested, that society is against him and he is being persecuted.Let him read any printed material, and listen to any music he can get his hands on. Be careful that the silverware and drinking glasses are sterilized, but let his mind feast on garbage.
Pick up everything he leaves lying around. Do everything for him so that he will be experienced in throwing all responsibility on others.When he gets into real trouble, apologize to yourself by saying, "I could never do anything with him."
Take his part against neighbors, teachers, and policemen. They are all prejudiced against your child.Prepare for a life of grief. You will likely have it.

Is it easy? probably not, worth trying it absolutely! So, what would it take to make a change? Persistency and heart I believe. May be heart first and persistency second.

Are we in?

* Thank You Sylvie with your help and support with my poor grammar.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Careful the things you say.... Careful the things you do
Children will Listen

Amazing lyrics!!! Amazing voice!!! so much to learn..

When I hear something so beautiful and so powerful in content I feel so emotional and passionate in the moment and then I move into something else. In the moment I feel like I want that... I want to be able to be like that.

Do we have the ability to listen, see or read an amazing song and apply it to our real life? to our decision making process? Can we choose different in the moment? is it even possible? May be... May be not... What does it take? Mindfulness??

In November 2001 I had the opportunity to experience one of the most amazing human development tools. A tool that allows people to figure out "how" to become the kind of person you want to become. I wish everyone can experience it. Sometimes it sounds easy to chose that thing that you want but in the actual moment it doesn't "feel" as easy, and sometimes we don't.
For some of us it's easy to say "I want to loose weight"...... butttttt... but in the moment the cheese cake smells so good...  specially if we looooveeee cheese cake... for some parents It's easy to say "I want to be the best parent ever" but in the moment sometimes it's not so easy to not react when our children cry or do the thing we don't think is right... So...... is it a Parent Responsibility to be a good Parent? a good Parent? how do we know if we are? or if we are not? is it all or nothing? or are there good choices and bad choices? many things to think about.... THINK??? Oh my!!