Friday, March 30, 2012

Collecting Heroes

I always dreamed of doing something great in the world, something that could make the world a nicer place to live in. A place where people would be happy and treat each other nicely. Just like my Grandfather did, one of my greatest heroes.

Manuel Dávila Santos & me

I remember being a little girl and wanting to become President of my home town, it seemed exciting back then. In my mind that was what it would take to make things beautiful and if things were beautiful then people would be happy..... but then I grew up and besides becoming a little bit more reality based I also lost my dream, but in 2001 my friend Edgar Boone invited me to take the most amazing human potential training and it was right then when I met another of my greatest heroes, Keith Raniere and I found my dreams again! 

One of the many things I've been learning from Keith's teachings is the practice of collecting Heroes, the first time I heard the about it I thought I understood the importance of the practice but in the actual practice I found that the more heroes I find the deeper the experience.

Today I found one more of my heroes... her name is Pushpa Basnet, she's 28 years old and she's from one of the poorest countries in the world, Nepal. Pushpa has been pulling children out of Nepal's prisons and giving them a better opportunity of life. Amazing!

My newest Hero!

Pushpa Basnet, Nepal

Thank You Keith for this beautiful gift!


  1. Thank you Lola for sharing this - it's beautiful. xx

  2. I love this one n I connect a lot to it !!! Thank you for Sharing n keep the inspiration !!