Thursday, March 1, 2012

My First Blog -
It's a little scary..

My name is Loreta Garza Davila, I consider my self a Non Writer so this is my first attempt to develop my writing skills in a language that I did not grow up speaking nor writing. I apologize for those many to come errors in my grammar, vocabulary, cultural slangs, etc... 

The thought of writing a blog feels a little scary to me, especially because I'm aware that I'm not good at some of the things needed but I guess this is what my process will be about.. a journey into learning how to become a better writer and an expert blogger.. I can't wait to compare my writing today vs a month two months... a year.

A very good friend of mine, Expert writer as well as many many other things explained to me that what it takes to become a good writer is to practice... so here we go!!!!!

One of the topics for this blog I would like to research more about as well as evaluate, question and learn about is everything that has to do with "Children's Education and Parenting tools"..

Are we aware how things* affect our children? do we question those things? are we making the best choices? Are we willing to do what it takes to make things different for our children?

I believe Parents have the best intent and want the best for their children. I also believe many Parents don't have the tools to give their children what they want for them... so Join me in this adventure.. an adventure into Education, writing, meeting people, tools, parenting.. and many more to find out...

*things = our behavior, our beliefs... and as an effect all those things that children relate with or interact with.


  1. Thanks Loreta!
    As a new grandfather I have an opportunity to have some influence on children again. I sure would like to make the most of it. I'm going to pass your blog on to my daughter and hopefully begin a dialogue that will benefit my new grandaughter.